How To Replace A Water Heater Thermocouple

How Much Is a Thermocouple for a Water Heater? A thermocouple is an inexpensive but important part of a gas-powered water heater. If you choose to have a plumber do the job, it could cost up to $150. However, if you choose to follow our guide and do-it-yourself, you’ll only have to pay for the replacement thermocouple — generally around $20.

How to Replace a Thermocouple in a Hot Water Heater — A pilot light that won’t stay lit is a symptom of a failing thermocouple. Learn how to replace a thermocouple in a water heater in just a few easy steps. Turn off the gas and remove the old thermocouple. Install a new one and test for gas leaks. Replace the doors and you’re all done.

The No. 1 cause of pilot lights that won’t stay lit is a worn-out thermocouple. It’s easy to replace and a new one costs $5 to $10. Rather than trying to unfasten the thermocouple inside the water heater’s burning chamber, it’s easier to remove the whole burner and thermocouple assembly. Then detach the thermocouple from the burner and take it with you to the home center or hardware store to ensure you …

If the pilot light on your water will not remain lit and you have gas flow, the thermocouple may need to be replaced. A universal thermocouple is inexpensive and can be purchased at most major hardware stores. Replacing a thermocouple is easier than you think. Here’s how…

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If you have a stand pilot water heater, skip slide 7: Stand Pilot Water Heater — replacement thermocouple. electronics – Ignition Water Heaters – Dismantling Burner Components Collector Cover. The combustion chamber of a water heater with electronic ignition seals, gaskets.