How To Fix Leaking Expandable Hose

23/05/2019  · How to Fix a Garden Hose. It’s happened many times before: you pull your garden hose out from the garage, screw it onto the faucet, attach that spiffy nozzle you got from the hardware store, turned on the …

I don’t think the expandable hoses are fixable. If you cut out the bad area and put in connectors and hose clamps, etc., you run the risk that the inner hose will balloon at those areas. It is also hard to stop the outer fabric to keep from fraying and that is what contains the hose from ballooning.

Expandable Hose Repair. Expandable Hose. I needed an expandable hose repair recently. You know the kind it starts out a foot long. You add water pressure and grows out to fifty feet long. Now that may be an exaggeration but now you know which water hose I’m talking about. It seems that this type of hose is special and none of the usual water …

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