How To Fix Leaking Caravan Window

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How to Seal Leaks in Your Caravan; How to Seal Leaks in Your Caravan. Author: Tahlia Maynard Date Posted:13 January 2017 A leaking caravan isn’t just an inconvenience; but it’s an urgency. A leakage left untreated can over time cause big problems down the track.

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04/10/2012  · Around the window rubbers is also dry and the window closed properly. If the rubber seal was leaking I’d expect a high reading on the damp meter, of course it could have just pooled where I found the water but I would expect to see a trail on the window sill as there was a fine cover of dust from the other work in the van I have been doing.

12/04/2015  · Howdy Linpet, The Link Box’s, may look good from the out-side but, the inside is the secret, there is a seal on the inner side that the winder arm slides through, over time this seal can go hard and not do the job it was designed for, hence leaking.

The leak was coming through at the rear left corner wall of the pop-top, and water was leaking through at a fair rate. The first job was to raise the roof so we could see if there was any sealant missing on the join around the roof and its base. Everything seemed okay, so we decided the easiest thing to do was remove the side moulding to …

Window seal leaks are some of the most common caravans suffer from. These are usually caused by tiny hairline cracks and gaps forming in the window seals.. Rather than having to go through the hassle of removing and replacing the window seal, they can be easily fixed instead using Capatain Tolley’s.

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