How To Fix Leaking Bath Plughole

25/05/2012  · How to maintain. How to seal plastic waste pipe with solvent weld using push fit fittings.Never get a leak.

The plughole in my bathroom basin is leaking. The leak is between the plughole and the basin (i.e. through the circular hole in the basin in which the metal plughole is fitted), and it seems to me as if it needs sealing with some silicon kitchen/bathroom sealant.

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20/02/2011  · I have a major problem with a leaking bath waste. I was recently called to a customers house as they had water dripping from there kitchen ceiling from the bathroom above. The main problem was a broken fibre washer on the hot tap but I also noticed that the bath waste was leaking slightly and so cleaned off all the silicone and fitted a new rubber sealing washer (without silicone).

03/09/2019  · I’m installing my new bath room suite but my sink is leaking. I’ve fitted the new plug hole but water seems to be leaking out from under it. Is there some sort of sealant I’m meant to use? the plug hole is screwed tight I’m afraid to tighten it any more in case I crack the sink

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Are Your Boots Leaking?14/10/2012  · Hi all, I’ll do my best to explain what’s happening. We’ve started to get a lot of water leakage when draining the bath. I’ve had a look around the trap and the waste pipe and it appear like the seal, or whatever it may be called, between the underside of the plug and the waste pipe/plug outlet has failed.