How To Fix Leaking Asbestos Roof

03/09/2019  · My asbestos roof in garage is leaking from two places, it seems this has happened before and just bought this property a year ago, it seems one side of the roof has a felt job done and it is still leaking. From the inside there are few places where there are big internal damages where it is leaking from. I am looking to do a bigger job and …

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03/09/2019  · I have a double length detached garage built circa 1976. The roof is leaking through the joints in what I believe is asbestos cement corrugated roofing. Around the area of the joint water seeps through and I can see some of the roof is damp.

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How to fix a leaking asbestos roof Great news, you’re one step closer to finally plugging that leak and getting a watertight asbestos roof. Before we begin, here’s a few words on staying safe with asbestos roof repair: First off, make sure your roof is structurally stable and that you’re safe at all times of the repair

15/02/2006  · Hi All, I’m a bit of a newbie so please be gentle. I have a corrugated asbestos cement garage roof which is leaking over a large area. From the inside it looks as if water is soaking straight through the cement and dripping in lots of places rather than from a seam/joint etc…

asbestos roof coatings Seal everything from a leaking asbestos garage roof, to thousands of meters of industrial asbestos roofing. Our asbestos roof coatings will keep it water and weatherproofed for the future. If you have an industrial roof, we can help you find a specialist contractor to ensure your roof remains watertight for many years to …

8 Easy Ways to Repair or Refurbish Your Asbestos Roof Repairing your leaking asbestos roof has never been more straightforward. Here’s eight easy ways to fix your deteriorating bolts and washers, safely seal asbestos sheets and fix those leaky cracks in your roof.