How To Become A Plumber In Washington State

You have to meet the following criteria so as to become one: Be 16 or older;Apply for plumber trainee certification; Possess an electrical trainee card, if working on irrigation or pumpdevices; Take 8 hours of continuing education courses yearly; meet a certain number of hours of experience. Washington Plumbing Apprenticeship/Trainee Requirements

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To learn the plumbing trade in Washington State and become a certified plumber, you muststart as a plumber trainee. As a trainee, you will work underthe direct supervision of a certified plumber and learn throughon-the-job training. Once you have the required experience and education, you can take the plumber exam to become a certified specialty or journey level plumber.

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How do I become a licensed plumber in Washington state? Getting Started. Apply for a plumber trainee certificate. Be 16 or older. Work under the direct supervision of a journey level or specialty plumber. Get the required number of years and hours of experience to qualify for the state plumber examination. How long does it take to learn how do you be a plumber? Typically, it takes about two …

Affidavits of experience and continuing education requirements, both mentioned below, must be received prior to taking the plumber journeyman exam. Once approved, applications can be sent to the L&I for approval. Applications must be sentonline or by mail at least two weeks prior to the exam date. The exam portion costs $151.90.

To become a plumber in Texas or Hawaii, you will need a license. This must be renewed every year. Also, becoming a plumber in California, Oklahoma, and las vegas requires renewal every three years. Some states have recently changed their license renewal requirements. To stay licensed as a plumber in Washington State, for example, you need to renew your license every three years, but must maintain …

To become a certified journey level or specialty plumber in Washington, you musttypically begin as a plumber trainee. Washington has reciprocal certification with Idaho for journey level plumbers. All other out-of-state plumbers can present a comparable license from another state or show equivalent experience in the U.S. military for consideration. The categories below list the required experience for …

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